Ways to Improve Your Speech

Male speaking to a group of peopleNot everyone has perfect speech. Even when they try, some people struggle in getting their message across as their communication skills are either lacking, or there is a cognitive disorder that caused it.

The following may be steps you can take to improve your speaking.

See a speech pathologist

A speech pathologist is a clinician that specializes in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of various communication issues that involves several cognition and speaking disorders. Treatment usually involves multiple sessions, but it is very effective as the treatments employed are scientific.

There are, for example, games for articulation therapy or treatment that will sharpen the skills of both the brain and the tongue in articulating words.

Slow down your talking

Sometimes, speech issues may be because the speaker is talking too fast. If this is the case, it may be advisable to slow down the speed of your speech. Not only will your audience understand you better, but you will also have the luxury to insert dramatic devices like pausing to make you a more effective speaker.

Always drink water

You may think, “What does water have to do with anything?” What people do not realize is that not drinking enough water may have negative effects on the vocal cords. Drinking coffee, wine, cola or soda dries out the vocal cords so if you drink them; it may be ideal to consume even more water.

Practice on the tricky sounds

We have all had that experience when there are just words that we struggle in pronouncing. One way to improve your articulation is to practice them. Practice makes perfect, after all.

These are only four effective ways to improve a person’s speaking skills. Just remember that for treatment to work, you must first acknowledge that there is an issue with your speech. That is an important first step.