Warehouse Safety 101: Can You Avoid Accidents Completely?

Warehouse with various containers for storageThe use of vehicles and other heavy package moving equipment expose warehouse workers to risks of accidents from fall, slips and trips, and falls from high longspan shelving and other racking systems.

These accidents can cost you as a company from additional hospital bills for amputations and fractures, and in covering claims from the death of your workers.

It is, therefore, advisable you insist on ensuring that your workers follow safety rules and wear appropriate protective equipment whenever they are in the warehouse.

Typical Injuries from Warehouse Accidents

Falls and slips are among the common types of accidents in warehouses. Others warehouse injuries result from inappropriate handling of hoisting equipment, moving objects and colliding with vehicles.

Training your employees to identify and manage these potential causes of warehouse accidents will help you cut on the cost of damage to products and machinery, and hospitalising injured persons. Also, install guarding rails and safety nets where necessary.

Below is more on how best you can ensure safety in your warehouse:

Space Planning

The layout of the floor space and how you organised items in your warehouse determine how well vehicle and hoist machinery move without compromising the safety of your employees. Follow an open plan for your warehouse, and ensure no machines or items are blocking the aisles and emergency escape routes. Also, ensure all areas have sufficient lighting to illuminate the sections in which your employees work.

Eliminating Hazards

Most falls are as a result of tripping over items and cables that lie on the floor of your warehouse; clear the walkways to avoid such accidents. Also, train your employees on ways of safely accessing items in longspan shelving and other high racking systems, to prevent risks of goods falling on them.

You cannot emphasise enough on warehouse safety. Part of that will require you train your staff appropriately on the various warehouse safety procedures they should follow. You will also need to adhere to industry standards when installing your storage and display systems.