Top 3 Maintenance Tips to Get the Most Out of Farm Machinery

a farm machineUsing quality farm machinery on your farm could cost you a fortune. Planning your budget is crucial before you purchase them. After that, it’s only natural that you protect such a productive but costly asset. This blog offers a step by step guide on how to keep your machinery in tip-top shape.

Regular check-ups and repairs.

Monitor the condition of your bin tipper or any other agricultural equipment. Check for signs of wear and tear before and after using them. In case of damage, carry out repairs and replace faulty parts immediately. A timely response is important if you don’t want to be swamped by the expensive repair or replacement bills.

Periodic cleaning.

Your equipment is likely to get dirty given the environment around which it operates. A farming field contains a couple of contaminants including mud and dust. Non-steel parts of your machines are susceptible to rust upon exposure to moisture. Washing the machine minimises chances of damage to it by these contaminants. Furthermore, keeping it clean makes it look new and appealing.

Proper operator training.

Ignoring operator know-how may also wreak havoc in your pocket. Allowing workers to handle equipment they don’t have the skill or training to man is a recipe for disaster. If you let this happen, expect to spend thousands of dollars on mechanics and workplace injuries. Avoid these costly mistakes by providing a training program for your farm equipment operators. Provide every new operator with the latest operator manuals for guidance and have them attend training.

Efficient equipment means proper services in the fields. This translates to more output which in return brings vast profits. Storing it away from contaminants can also benefit you a great deal regarding its life and value in case of a resale.