Tech in Utah: One of the Fastest-Growing Industries

State of UtahAre you looking for a stable job? One of the states to be in is Utah. The Beehive State has one of the best mixed economies in the country. In other words, it draws money from various industries. Although it’s known for manufacturing and tourism, the tech sector is also rapidly growing. Many job seekers in the industry are now trying to get ahead with a CompTIA A+ practice test and other certifications.

How’s Tech in Utah?

Utah still has a long way to go to be on par with California, but it doesn’t mean that’s impossible. In 2015, New Yorker called it the next Silicon Valley. Besides tech giants such as Adobe, the state is also home to several start-ups.

Most of the state’s economy is in Salt Lake City, the capital, but its nearby areas such as Ogden and Provo are also stepping up. Moreover, CNBC cites some of the reasons why Utah is set to give Cali a run for its money anytime soon. These factors include ease of doing business, very low personal and business taxes, and a big talent pool coming from prestigious Utah universities.

Its government, meanwhile, highlights the state’s IT strengths. One, it’s the birthplace of WordPerfect and Novell. It also ranks among the top five when it comes to Internet speed and stability. Moreover, the state does well when it comes to employee satisfaction, especially in the IT sector.

How to Get In

Looking for an IT job in Utah can be both exhilarating and exhausting. Opportunities are many, but companies are very choosy. Expect to meet fierce competitors, and even when you get in, you need to prove your mettle.

Having an IT-related degree is a huge plus, but you can also supplement or start with a CompTIA A+ certification, which makes you an entry-level computer specialist. You can take this exam anytime, but it’s not for free. Make your money and time count by doing a CompTIA A+ practice test.