Renewable Energy Saves the Earth

Solar panels for green energyDue to the looming threats of global warming, melting of the ice caps, extinction of animal species and other calamities assisted by the lack of care by humans, recent moves have been made to help lessen the risks of the immediate collapse of Earth as we know it.

The harnessing of renewable energy has recently been pursued by several countries such as the United States, parts of Europe and Australia. These renewable sources of energy provide propulsion to cars, electricity in homes and other purposes without the harmful effects of the Earth and its inhabitants. Renewable energy comes from many sources and leads to new businesses. Solar energy will bring good business for solar panel manufacturers, and biological fuels will bring better opportunities for fuel tank manufacturers like

Caring for Mother Earth

Renewable energy comes from many sources. In recent years, several other sources have been discovered and experimented on by environmental science groups.

Garbage or trash produced by humans is the number one enemy of Mother Earth. Plastics, not recyclable products and non-biodegradable items pose threats to the planet and its inhabitants. Before, incineration of these items caused damage to the ozone layer.

Now, trash incineration can bring clean energy, it has now been tempered and controlled to provide power to our cities. Steam from burning trash is used to propel energy producing wheels. Biological wastes which were only used as compost before can now be converted into biofuels.

Future Effects

Sustaining the practice of dependence on renewable energy is now a trend among the younger generation. It is with great hope that they will continue to practice the recent trends in securing safe, clean and renewable sources of energy.

The future is always unpredictable. However, preparation now can lead to a better and clean Earth for all people and all other life forms present on the planet. Humans should be aware and sensitive to the fact that they are not the only life forms existing in this pale blue dot in the Milky Way galaxy.