Prince George Goes On First Royal Trip

Image by  Surtsicna \ Wikimedia

Image by Surtsicna | Wikimedia

The news of Prince George’s first official tour has taken the Internet by storm since the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced their three-week trip to Australia and New Zealand.

Long tour

While the prince is making the long trip with his royal parents, it’s not yet clear whether he will attend public events or not.

“George being just a little over eight months old by the time they travel, I’m sure you will appreciate that the couple will have to make a final decision on those moments much closer to the time,” the Prince’s private secretary said in a statement.

He announced William and Catherine’s planned engagements on the April 7 to 25 tour, but still kept some information private.

Royal mania

After a 10-day visit in Hamilton, Christchurch, and Queenstown, the royals will go to Australia for the second batch of their tour.

Wherever they go, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge cause media interest and this tour is no different.