More Light In: 3 Tips to Bring in More Natural Light

Blinds on a house windowNatural light brings life into a room. It goes without saying that the brighter the room, the happier a place it is. Sometimes, though, you may not get as much light coming in as you wish, and as the night starts to come around, you might end up with more of a cave than a room. That can be corrected. Here are three tips you can use if you want to bring more natural light into your room.

Choose your blinds

Blinds are an excellent and affordable method to brighten up your room. With blinds, you can control the amount of light that enters your room. You can raise or lower the blind to your desire. All you have to do is pull a cord or twist a stick, and you can adjust the blinds’ settings. This also adds to the privacy of the room. Blinds come in various materials such as aluminium, vinyl, even bamboo. In Australia, a louvre system is a popular choice for many homes.

Use mirrors

Mirrors reflect light and, in some cases, seem to magnify the brightness as well. The more mirrors you have in the room, the more light can bounce around. Take advantage of this by including some furniture with built-in mirrors.

Paint your room bright colours

Painting your room with a light-toned colour such as grey, cream, or light turquoise really helps brighten up a place. Light-coloured paint contains the property of reflecting light off the walls, thereby boosting the light in the room. Most people tend to prefer white — and for good reason. White is best when it comes to reflecting light. With this basic colour, you only require very little natural light to brighten and liven up a room.

If your room feels like it could house bats in the middle of the afternoon, fret not. A few simple steps are just what you need to let the light shine in.