Maintenance Procedures for Mining Accommodation Safety

MaintenanceThe construction and maintenance of a mining accommodation are very meticulous subjects. This is because Australian laws are specific and quite strict with the requirements. This is only expected since mining operations are some of the most dangerous projects. The strenuous nature of work necessitates proper and comfortable living accommodations for the workers. Here are the basic maintenance requirements for a mining accommodation Queensland workers may book.

General Maintenance

Under the law, one of the most basic employer obligations towards his employees is providing adequate, comfortable and secure accommodations. For mining projects, employees are usually required to stay for a long period of time within the premises. Commonly, these mining sites are also far removed from the cities and town. A mining accommodation should not only be spacious, secure and comfortable, but it should also be well maintained. The maintenance should be scheduled at least once a month, different from the daily housekeeping services. It should include the replacement of worn furniture, lighting and plumbing.

Inspection of Toxicity and Contamination

An employee, no matter the kind of work he engages in, has the basic right to a healthy and safe working environment. One of the dangers of mining projects similar to oil refineries is the leakage of toxic fumes. The air inside these camps should be regularly checked as well as the conditions of the rooms where the employees stay. This is to make sure no toxic or dangerous fumes will contaminate the area.

Regular Fire Hazard Inspection

Finally, it is also important that fire hazard inspections are done regularly. These include the availability of fire extinguishers and hydrants, the condition of electrical wiring as well as the vulnerability of the accommodations to fire.

It is very important that all these inspections and maintenance be done to secure the health and safety of the employees. Make sure to schedule these monthly to fully comply with the standards set by law.