Learning Through Play: 3 Advantages of Outdoor Learning for Kids

School Kids Running

It is essential that young children receive more opportunities to explore and learn in the outdoors. After all, learning comes in various shapes and sizes, and having a class outdoors can be beneficial not only to the children’s development but also on how they see the environment.

Over the past years, the society had undergone various changes leading to a reduced access and use of the outdoors for many children. Apart from indoor classes that ensure the security of school kids, the popularity of indoor activities, such as watching the television and using the computer, have also encouraged the children to stay indoors than go out. But, many reports about outdoor activities in school say that they are, indeed, necessary and beneficial.

Healthy and Active Lifestyle

The rates of obesity have increased dramatically among young children today. Children are contained inside the school or their house with little space to run around and do outdoor activities. When you let them play or learn outside, however, you can help foster a healthier lifestyle at a young age. Schools may start promoting an active lifestyle by installing canopies around the area. This way, children can play and learn outside without getting exposed to too much heat or sunlight, as illustrated in the works of KensingtonSystems.co.uk.

Self-Reliance and Responsibility

When there is no Internet and tablets to play with, children could get imaginative with how they can have fun. They will likely play with their friends outside and eventually, they will possibly enjoy outdoor learning, as well. In this process of looking for their own ways to have fun, they can become more responsible and self-reliant.

Excitement and Learning New Things

When they are outdoors, children can learn new things about the environment. There is much information they could get from simply having a walk outside with their teachers, such as how a tree produces oxygen or how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. Simply put, outdoor activities will provide an opportunity for them to learn on their own and explore their surroundings.

With all these benefits, outdoor learning should be considered to be included in the school’s curriculum. Outdoor activities foster a different level of learning among children—discovering new things that they can only get if they are away from the four corners of the classroom.