Data Storage & Safety: Physical & Digital Documents

Data Storage in PerthEvery business manages to collect data. Whether it’s about customers, processes or employees, data is important. You cannot afford to lose it or have it stolen.

There are two types of data: physical and digital. Physical data is that which you will find on documents. Digital is what is saved in media like hard disks. Both of these can be stored in your place of work. Some companies build large data or filing rooms to specifically house servers or documents. The problem is when the data becomes too much for the room.

Here are options for both.

For Physical Data

Documents pile up quickly. The bigger your company becomes, the more documents you have to take care of. What used to be confined to one 4-drawer filing cabinet has spread to the floor and the desk you once used for meetings. You have three problems: the documents are now too many, it’s a problem sifting through all the folders and the security of your data is absolutely in question.

To address this problem, save your data off-site, Perth Metro Storage suggests. If you would rather keep the documents rather than have them scanned and saved digitally, hire a storage in Perth to keep them safe. It’s important to save data away from your place of work so they are safe in case of a break-in or fire. A storage facility has safeguards against problems like weather, fire and theft.

For Digital Data

The best way to keep your data safe is to use a cloud service. Data saved in the cloud is safe from the dangers that physical servers in your office are exposed to, such as fires, theft of the servers, or access by thieves who may delete the contents or copy it. Good cloud service will let you access your data from anywhere while also keeping it safe.

“Where do you store your storage” is the “who watches the watchmen” of our age. Make sure to pick the appropriate choice for your medium!