Building Up Means Better Views and More Space, so Why Worry?

2 storey houseYou can engage in extended debate which kind of housing plan is best – going wide or expanding by height. It could be as animated as can be as any taker on that debate may not budge a single inch. But with real estate space rising year in year out, the debate has been settled even before it has started.

Horizontal architecture sure has its advantages, especially when you have wide open spaces in rural areas, but when you’re in the city, Perth or Sydney, finding that extra space is going to be an exercise in futility – even with tons of cash, Novus Homes says. While there is no need to apply the much-ballyhooed formula in Tiny House Living as propagated over cable TV, two-storey homes offer a nifty solution to the challenge of space – and a beautiful alternative at that.

Enjoying the View

Of course, height matters. After all, top of the mountain views are extremely jaw-dropping and breathtaking. And it’s also the reason that penthouses carry a heftier price tag than lower floors in a condominium or a super-tall skyscraper.

But you don’t have to go to the mountain to enjoy one, a string of nifty 2-storey house designs can give you a great overlooking bird’s eye view to satisfy your heart’s desire. Alternatively, you can also choose one with a rear view. While going wide means more room downstairs, building a 2nd floor pays huge dividends when relaxing.

Location, Location, Location

When it comes right down to it, bi-storey houses are a blessing to a city. Imagine each and every family building a wider house. This consumes more of the city’s vacant lots with less families afforded space to live. Added to this, it could be messy with city codes telling builders a building must not occupy say more than 40% of the lot.

So you see, there is wisdom in 2-storey houses, aside from privacy concerns. When someone downstairs is busy entertaining visitors, you could be prepping for your big day upstairs going over your notes – all by yourself. Same address, but bigger space.