Bradley’s Taunts ‘Inspire Me,’ Says Pacquiao

Image by Frederick Manligas Nacino  | Wikimedia

Image by Frederick Manligas Nacino | Wikimedia

As the much-awaited rematch of undefeated American boxer Tim Bradley and Filipino icon Manny Pacquiao nears, so is the heat between the two. But for Pacquiao, Bradley’s taunts are nothing but another dose of inspiration.

‘It’s good for me’

“The more he says that, the more he inspires me to show the hunger and killer instinct he’s talking about. It’s good for me, but not for him, I think,” said the boxer-slash-congressman Pacquiao.

Earlier, Bradley pointed out how Pacquiao has seemingly lost his fire in boxing, as the past years’ battles of the Asian boxer pale in comparison with his previous bouts.

Pacquiao, however, simply shrugged the taunts.

“I’m not angry or disappointed at what he told me. I’m happy he told me that. It inspired me to train harder and focus on the fight. It will benefit me. I have not lost the hungers. Sometimes we knock the guy out and sometimes not,” said the eight-time boxing champion.

‘We will knock this guy out’

The Filipino boxer’s coach, Freddie Roach, echoed Pacquiao’s view.

“You don’t get mad. It’s part of life,” he said.

“Revenge is great. That’s what we have a chance to do here. If everything goes right, we will knock this guy out,” added Roach.

In June 2012, Bradley defeated Pacquiao in a controversial split decision with the score 115-113. The rematch will happen on April 12 in Las Vegas.