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Comrades in Defence: SAF’s Partnership with Germany and Australia

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) upholds the fundamental tenets of Singapore’s military defence policy: deterrence and diplomacy. What helps the servicemen and women fulfil their responsibilities is a comprehensive training program and module from the SAF Volunteer Corps. Other avenues include training agreements with other countries. In fact, both Germany and Australia have committed to

How to Do It? Starting Your First Marketing Campaign

Most businesses cannot survive without marketing. Unfortunately, many small businesses tend to ignore this, as they would rather spend money on other activities to support their business. This is understandable because most small businesses’ marketing budget is minimal, or even none. It’s important to understand, however, that having a marketing plan can grow your business quickly.

Cockroaches: Remove These House Pests

Rats, termites, flies, fleas, mosquitoes, and cockroaches are common house pests all over the world. These are considered unpleasant not only because of their appearance and smell but also because of the damage they could do to your home and personal belongings. Worse, they could even spread various diseases and bacteria. If you live in