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The Case of Sports and Losing Teeth

In combat sports like mixed martial arts (MMA), boxing, taekwondo and wrestling, it is necessary for athletes to wear protective gear, particularly a mouthpiece. As the primary targets of opposing players are mostly on the head, wearing a mouth guard ensures that the teeth are safe from excessive force. But even in less forceful contact

Long Scrolling: The Ultimate UX Design Trend

It used to be the ultimate web design faux pas, one that should be avoided at all costs: scrolling. Web design specialists, worried that newbie web users would miss their content ‘below the fold,’ fit as much as possible above the invisible line. Given the versatility of mobile devices, along with improvements in the resolution

Adoption: Severing the Custodial Parents’ Rights

Individuals who wish to adopt usually enlist the help of attorneys well-versed in the procedures of a certain jurisdiction. This helps ensure that the adoption process goes smoothly. Unfortunately, there may be instances where custodial parents may not give their consent for the adoption to take place. In these cases, the adoptive parents may look