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The Danger of Defective Toys

Toys play an important role in a child’s development and learning. These items come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, for children of different ages, for play, sport, and education. However, these supposedly harmless toys can cause death and debilitating injury if the design and concept border on unsafe and dangerous. The movement to rid

How Not to Experience On-the-Road Uncertainties

Holidays are a luxury many families often look forward to during summer but when it comes to issues regarding car hires, excitement can sometimes turn into a disaster. This happens when thrill of a getaway overwhelms systematic planning. Problems always have solutions and you can overcome them one by one. The following are some of

Debunking the Persistent HVAC-Legionnaire’s Disease Connection

Legionnaire’s disease is a serious form of pneumonia that can sometimes be fatal for infected patients, as if the regular form of pneumonia was not already bad enough. Diagnosing Legionnaire’s disease is a relatively simple process compared to other fatal conditions, though, which makes the prevalence of incorrect information about it more frustrating. The Theory