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Wait For It: Why Waiting is a Tedious Activity

It is easy to understand why people hate waiting. Apart from it being boring, frustrating, and aggravating, waiting is also time consuming and eats up minutes or hours a person could spend being productive. The waiting-in-line experience in a commercial establishment or service facility instantly affects a person’s overall perception of the quality of the

The Case of Nosocomial Infections

White linens, the air infused with antiseptic, light ambiance—all these are part of an image that comes to mind whenever you hear the words ‘clinic’ or ‘hospital.’ You will surely have an impression that this place is impeccably tidy and safe. But, this idea is something you need to reconsider. It’s ironic that you can

Why Dental Fear Still Exists Today

The worst enemy of those suffering from a toothache is not physical, but psychological; it’s called dental fear. Although this form of anxiety is as old as time, the phantom of phobia to dentists still haunts patients of all ages until today. While many sedation techniques are now available to make a dental procedure relatively

Improving Productivity in Work Sites

Productivity, along with safety and efficiency, always comes first in every worksite. Whether it’s a construction, excavation, or mining site, workers aim to get jobs done right in the fastest and most efficient manner. That’s why they use reliable equipment, keep their workplace clean and organised, and make sure everyone is efficient. Creating an environment

Protect Your Family Health Against Mold

Molds grow everywhere, thriving in areas with excess moisture. It’s a common problem around the world, especially in tropical areas. While they are generally harmless, the growth of mold indoors poses a health hazard to members of the household. Mold triggers allergy and respiratory conditions Mold, along with other air contaminants, is one of the