Flight 370 Families Can Now File Lawsuits

Search for 370It’s been a month and a half since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 had disappeared, which means the families can now file lawsuits in American courts against aircraft manufacturer Boeing.

Waiting period ends

The Flight 370 families hope the legal battle can bring new information to light.

The pressure of filing lawsuits on the Malaysian governmentmight force it to release data it holds,said Sarah Bajc, partner of Flight 370 passenger Philip Wood, in a statement.

So far, the families are relying on Malaysian officials’ opinions, but no data were presented on their briefings.

Lawyers gearing up for lawsuits

“If we don’t have the ‘black box’ with all the critical information on it, or we don’t have any part of the wreckage, it would be very hard to maintain a claim against Boeing in any court in the United States,” said aviation attorney Daniel Rose, a partner at the firm Kreindler & Kreindler.

Search and rescue efforts for the missing plane have repeatedly come up with no solid evidence.

Even the underwater drone that was scanning the ocean has “no contacts of interest.”

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Johnson Defends His Gold At UFC 174

Image by Koichi Tanigutchi | Flickr

Image by Koichi Tanigutchi | Flickr

After UFC 173 and 175 had their main events in place recently, the pay-per-view event to be held on June 14 at Rogers Arena in Vancouver now has a headliner at last. Flyweight champ Demetrious Johnson is set to defend his belt against gutsy Russian Ali Bagautinov at UFC 174. This will be the promotion’s first event in the Canadian city since 2011.

Johnson’s first

Given that no last-minute card adjustments would reschedule the fight, it will be Johnson’s first shot to headline a UFC PPV in history. The Mighty Mouse won the inaugural flyweight title against Josepth Buenavidez via split decision last September of 2012, and went on to defend his belt three times, but only at UFC on Fox events.

Dangerous challenger

Johnson’s latest adversary is undefeated ever since competing in the Octagon last year. In such a short span of time, he quickly had a 3-0 record to earn his chance to test the one and only flyweight king of the UFC.

As Bagautinov receives the biggest opportunity of his career and Johnson faces one of the toughest threats in his reign, the fight holds a lot of promises any fan couldn’t afford to miss.

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Prince George Goes On First Royal Trip

Image by  Surtsicna \ Wikimedia

Image by Surtsicna | Wikimedia

The news of Prince George’s first official tour has taken the Internet by storm since the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced their three-week trip to Australia and New Zealand.

Long tour

While the prince is making the long trip with his royal parents, it’s not yet clear whether he will attend public events or not.

“George being just a little over eight months old by the time they travel, I’m sure you will appreciate that the couple will have to make a final decision on those moments much closer to the time,” the Prince’s private secretary said in a statement.

He announced William and Catherine’s planned engagements on the April 7 to 25 tour, but still kept some information private.

Royal mania

After a 10-day visit in Hamilton, Christchurch, and Queenstown, the royals will go to Australia for the second batch of their tour.

Wherever they go, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge cause media interest and this tour is no different.

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Bradley’s Taunts ‘Inspire Me,’ Says Pacquiao

Image by Frederick Manligas Nacino  | Wikimedia

Image by Frederick Manligas Nacino | Wikimedia

As the much-awaited rematch of undefeated American boxer Tim Bradley and Filipino icon Manny Pacquiao nears, so is the heat between the two. But for Pacquiao, Bradley’s taunts are nothing but another dose of inspiration.

‘It’s good for me’

“The more he says that, the more he inspires me to show the hunger and killer instinct he’s talking about. It’s good for me, but not for him, I think,” said the boxer-slash-congressman Pacquiao.

Earlier, Bradley pointed out how Pacquiao has seemingly lost his fire in boxing, as the past years’ battles of the Asian boxer pale in comparison with his previous bouts.

Pacquiao, however, simply shrugged the taunts.

“I’m not angry or disappointed at what he told me. I’m happy he told me that. It inspired me to train harder and focus on the fight. It will benefit me. I have not lost the hungers. Sometimes we knock the guy out and sometimes not,” said the eight-time boxing champion.

‘We will knock this guy out’

The Filipino boxer’s coach, Freddie Roach, echoed Pacquiao’s view.

“You don’t get mad. It’s part of life,” he said.

“Revenge is great. That’s what we have a chance to do here. If everything goes right, we will knock this guy out,” added Roach.

In June 2012, Bradley defeated Pacquiao in a controversial split decision with the score 115-113. The rematch will happen on April 12 in Las Vegas.

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Facebook Acquires VR Startup Oculus For $2B

Image by Sergey Galyonkin | Wikimedia

Image by Sergey Galyonkin | Wikimedia

Facebook revealed that it has purchased a California-based startup specializing in virtual reality products for $2 billion.

A product of crowdfunding

The startup, Oculus VR, features its flagship product the “Oculus Rift,” which is a goggle-like headset that provides “immersive” video gaming. It started as a project in popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter, until it received the necessary investment to begin the project.

Facebook chief exec Mark Zuckerberg said that VR technology would “change the way we work, play, and communicate.”

The Rift headset is yet to be released, although the company has revealed that over 75,000 orders for development kits were already placed. It made its debut at the Las Vegas CES technology show in January, and it was highly commended in the said event.

‘Platform of tomorrow’

The acquisition deal involves $400 million in cash and 23 million shares on Facebook, which is valued at $1.6 billion. Employees of the startup are also set to receive an extra $300 million bonus if certain targets are achieved.

Zuckerberg commented on the deal: “Mobile is the platform of today, and now we’re also getting ready for the platforms of tomorrow.”

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American Express Collaborates With Vineyards For Wine Program

Image by Thegreenj | Wikimedia

Image by Thegreenj | Wikimedia

The American Steamboat company announced an innovative wine program with over 40 vineyards across Washington and Oregon to celebrate the inaugural season of the American Express.

Water and Wine

The company will be providing passengers with visits to wineries, onboard winemaker lectures, and special tasting among the highlights of the program. The christening voyage of the boat, as well as the VIP celebration is scheduled for April 5, and the Willamette Valley Vineyards will be the first stop.

All the Stops

The American Express’ maiden voyage will be a nine-day journey and will make stops in Columbia, Astoria, Ore.; Stevenson, Wash.; The Dalles, Ore.; Sacajawea State Park, Wash.; and Clarkston, Wash.; and Snake Rivers. The boat will depart from Vancouver, U.S.A.

Passengers will be able to make short excursion in every port that also feature cultural and historical landmarks such as the Walla Walla Wine Trail, or the crater of Mount St. Helens.

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