5 Easy, Creative Ways to Capture Your Baby’s Special Moments

babyThe first twelve months of a baby’s life are full of numerous significant occasions. From the moment your baby is born, there are many “firsts” that are worth capturing in photos. These special moments can pass in the blink of an eye. Capture them in photos before they pass you by.

With that, here are some of the more creative ways to document the events you’ll never want to forget.

Photo of the Month

Newborns have numerous special moments, day after day, week after week, and month after month. Choose your favorite and use this to remember their best moment of the month. You can also list down your baby’s awesome and not-so-awesome milestones during that time.

You can then combine the photos and the list to make a poster or a calendar as a thoughtful way to remember the year.

Baby’s Point of View

Capture your baby’s experience of the world by combining today’s technology with yesterday’s old school techniques. Attach a GoPro camera to your young one’s head or body, a stroller, or on a swing to capture that moment from their point of view.

You can then compile, edit, and be creative with the video. There’s nothing like capturing your baby’s precious reaction of their first time on the swing, or the sparkle in their eyes when they first see the beauty that awaits them in the world.

New Angles

Instead of trying to capture photos from above or trying to zoom in, lay down on the floor with them and take photos from their level. This results in a more intimate scene—one that makes it look like you’ve entered their world, rather than viewing it from a distance. Partner with photo studios like JayLynnStudios.com for a more professional and hassle-free newborn and children photography project.

A Secret Email Account

Make an email for your kid, but one that won’t be opened until he reaches a certain age—18 years old, for example. In the account, send letters and photos about his birthdays and other special moments as the years pass.

All the precious memories stored in the account for years can then set the stage for a perfect birthday 18th or 21st birthday gift, or when they go away for college.

From Four Legs to Two

Play around with a blank, white canvass and some baby-friendly paint, and capture your baby’s moments through their hands and feet. You can use the impression of their hands and feet to make a painting, or to capture the moments as they go from crawling to walking. It’ll be a pretty awesome way to remember their tiny twinkle toes and irresistible hands.

Every little thing your baby does is magic, and you’ll want to capture these special moments any way you can.

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Cute Fashion Trends for Your Little Ones

kids clothesAge doesn’t matter when it comes to fashion. At an early age, children should be taught how to make choices, including with the clothes they wear. Let your children discover their own style with these fashion trends.

Neutral Colours

Naturally, kids can get away with wearing bright, neon colours. How about letting them try subdued tones of black, white, and beige? Nothing is ever dull, even the most boring of colours, when paired with your child’s bubbly personality.

Tulle and Ribbons

High-fashion clothing can make kids look much older than their actual age. Add a touch of youthful energy with materials like tulle. Ribbons headdress for girls and tie for boys look cute and polished.


Fur looks good on any fine, young lady. Attend tea parties in an elegant garb made of faux fur. Remember not to overdo it, though. Wear a fur vest or jacket and keep the rest of the outfit low-key.

Bold Prints

Neutral may be the “in” colour scheme today but nobody said your kids can’t wear bold prints with it. Flo’s Closet suggests big polka dots and wide stripes. Monograms and whimsical patterns also look classy yet energetic.


Who said only gentlemen can sport suspenders? Young boys look manly while maintaining the boyish innocence when they wear suspenders with their trousers. Complete the look’s old-school charm with a slick hairstyle. Just look at Little Rascals’ Alfalfa.

Knitted Hats

Show grandma how much you love her by wearing her creations. Knitted hats in pastel colours accented with a flower design are ladylike. A plain-collared bonnet looks stylish on any young boy.


Stockings not only keep your little girl’s legs warm but also double as a fashion trick. Wearing stockings to any outfit gives it a pulled-together feel.

Who said children shouldn’t experiment with fashion and style? With your guidance, let them express their creativity and individuality. You may not know it yet, but their fashion choices now may shape their personal style when they reach adulthood.

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Can’t Keep Up? The Must-Track Metrics to Measure Your Social Media Success

social mediaYou spend hours checking your blog posts and looking for simple methods to measure the impact of your tactics. Still, you have no clear idea if your plans are successful.

Most business owners today have gone beyond using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to let customers know their new products or services. By introducing new tactics such as promotions and other interactive activities, business owners continue to maximise the use of social media. It has now become a great way to be more profitable and increase their bottom line.

Before you know if your business is profitable, you should identify your goals. Doing this allows you to figure out which factors to measure and see what success looks like. Read on to learn the key metrics that will help determine how well your social media campaign is performing.

Monthly Referral Traffic

Increasing traffic on your Facebook account, for instance, is a good indicator that your strategies are moving in the right direction. Fortunately, Google has a tool to measure how much traffic your social media accounts receives every month. If you don’t have enough time or find it difficult to do, seeking the services of a professional is necessary. SEO expert Bambrick Media notes that getting some help is a great way to be heard by the right target audience.

Total Audience Size

This will help you understand the efficiency of your social media efforts. To know if you have a solid presence on social media sites, measure the total number of active Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Instagram users, and YouTube Channel subscribers you have. Manually collect figures, say daily or weekly, and save it on a Word document or spreadsheet. You can create graphs to compare and determine your results.

Social Impressions

Do you know how many people found your content helpful? The last thing you need to measure is your reach. You can measure it by monitoring your brand mentions on a regular schedule, be it weekly or monthly. It’s important to know the mentions of your Twitter, blogs and other key channels. There’s something wrong if many people are ignoring you in the social media world.

Though there’s no magic potion for success, being aware of these tips can help make a difference to your business. It’s best to stay focused, know what to do in times of trouble, and always prepare for the unexpected.

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Why Your Choice of Mortgage Company is a Significant Decision

mortgageWhen you see an advertisement to refinance your mortgage for “free”, it is most definitely a fraud. A mortgage lender will face $500,000 worth of penalties after deceiving clients with false ads.

“An ad that says you can refinance your mortgage for free is clearly deceptive if you have to pay money at some point before you sign on the dotted line,” Director of the Federal Trade Commission Bureau of Consumer Protection Jessica Rich said in a statement.

“Lead generators need to understand that federal laws governing truth in advertising apply to them as well as everybody else,” she added.

Importance of transparency

City Creek Mortgage, a trusted home mortgage company in Utah, noted the importance of transparency. The company explains that most companies hide the interest rate to attract clients, but they can always ask for full disclosure as part of their rights.

Transparency shifts the balance of power, whereby the client is empowered to see and make the best decision. From the perspective of a professional, transparency is an act of respect.

Deceptive claims

In case of a failure to provide transparency, you can sue the company like what the victims of Delta Prime Refinance did. They filed a complaint against the company for falsely claiming that there were no hidden charges and the mortgage refinancing is free.

The company faces three violations, namely the Federal Trade Commission Act, the Mortgage Acts and Practices Advertising Rule, or “MAP” Rule and Regulation N, and the Truth in Lending Act and Regulation Z. Aside from the monetary fine, the court does not allow the Colorado-based company to disclose, sell or transfer the consumer data they obtained.

The Department of Justice proposed consent decree on behalf of the Commission in U.S. District Court. The proposed consent decree is still subject to court approval.

The incident is not new; many companies make false promises. This is why it is up to you to make that important decision. Before working with a mortgage company, take the time to go over every detail. Be sure to work with trusted and respected mortgage company that offers transparency to ensure your future.

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Choosing the Right Container Truck when Moving into Your New Home

moving to new homeMoving into your new home can be stressful, especially if you have furniture. Fortunately, there are container transport services that can accommodate all your needs — from packing your items to transporting them to your designated location.

To help you find a reliable service provider without hurting your budget, here are some tips recommended by ICL Transport, Containers& Storage.

Understanding the different types of Container Trucks

Usually, the service provider will ask you about the items you need to transport. They will recommend the best container truck and initial quote for the services. To give you a better idea, here are some of the common container trucks available:

  1. Open Top Container – This type features a soft detachable roof tarpaulin or tilt. It is ideal for machinery requiring top loading and over-height cargo.
  2. Half Heights – These feature a soft detachable roof tarpaulin, which can hold high density cargos such as heavy furniture, drums, and large metal frames.
  3. Flat Trucks – Flat trucks do not have sidewalls or roof, although some may be collapsible. This is ideal for out-of-gauge cargos and restricted loading situations.
  4. Platforms – These feature a flatbed with corner castings, and works best for limited numbers of high rated equipment and over-length cargos and special projects.

      Before you choose the size of container trucks, you need to be familiar with the different materials available. The type of container truck depends on the items you need to transport. A standard storage container that measures 8’ x 7 x 7’ and made of construction-grade wood can only accommodate up to 2,000 lbs of goods. The same sized container made from steel and aluminium, on the other hand, can handle up to 5,000 lbs.

      Finding the right container transport services is not that difficult. You can search online and look for the best deal. Browse through their website and read customer feedback. Check the trucks available and compare the prices of other service providers. This will help you gauge the quality of their services.

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      What Science Says about Yoga Therapy

      yogaYoga has certainly advanced in the last few years. You can see it with the way the practices and the equipment changed. For one, people used to think that yoga is limited to floor mats, and now yogis install aerial hammock kits to perform exercises midair. Yoga’s progress goes beyond this, though.

      Equipment and training aside, science has also taken several steps to prove and disprove certain claims about the Indian practice, most especially with health-related claims surrounding the exercise.

      Yoga as a stress buster

      Recent research from Harvard Medical School found a significant effect of yoga on the way human bodies deal with stress. Meditation, apparently, affects more than just the brain, as it can also influence physiological processes.

      Studies point to the effect of yoga and meditation to the autonomic nervous system (ANS), the part of the brain in charge of the functions of the intestines, liver, heart, and other organs. Scientists divide this system into two parts: sympathetic (SNS) and parasympathetic (PNS). The former is in charge of producing cortisol and adrenaline, two known stress hormones. The latter, on the other hand, regulates the heart rate and blood pressure to speed up recovery following a stressful event.

      Certain yoga techniques control these parts of the brain, thus allowing the yogi to experience a more relaxed state. Through meditation, slow breathing, and guided imagery, the brain enters a calmer state, which, in effect, reduces stress levels.

      Yoga for other diseases

      Earlier studies have exposed the role yoga plays in dealing with back pain, depression, and anxiety. As for other conditions, such as diabetes, arthritis, and asthma, scientists are yet to come up with new evidence to justify such claims. Regardless, the more recent studies are proof enough of how helpful yoga can be when it comes to health.

      So far, science agrees that yoga can indeed pave the way toward a healthier lifestyle. But despite these studies, yoga is not a substitute for professional medical care. It is still important to consult a physician before engaging in yoga as an aid for therapy.

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      3 Meaningless SEO Strategies to Avoid

      laptopThe world of digital marketing and search engine optimisation is constantly evolving, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. The lack of an effective digital marketing strategy can result in your brand being in danger of losing to the competition.

      It takes careful planning to decide how to go about your SEO and digital marketing efforts. In Australia, many businesses make sure to cover all grounds–including social media and mobile. To make the most of your digital marketing campaign, it is important to know which strategies are still relevant and which might only compromise your online presence.

      Take a look at some of the SEO approaches that you should avoid doing now:

      Thin, Irrelevant Content

      NuStudio.com.au says search engine optimisation from Perth to Sydney follows global standards and is putting a premium on the creation of high quality content. Updating your blog regularly is highly effective, yes, but if you post thin content just for sake of updating, you might as well not post at all. When you post a blog, status update, or even follow-up content, make sure the information is current, relevant, and well written.

      Spammy Guest Blogging

      Guest blogging is still a great way to build links, but only if you do so properly and with caution. There are some who abuse the technique by writing content for a site that has no direct relation. Google might penalise you for this. If you plan to inject some guest blogging into your campaign, do so carefully.

      Keyword Stuffing

      Keyword stuffing is like asking for Google to penalise your site. Instead of focusing on keyword density, think of how you can provide readers relevant information. After all, when you write for real people—not for the search engine—you are more likely to gain real customers.

      It’s important to always be on the lookout for possible changes in the SEO industry. With more businesses harnessing the potential of the Internet, having a good handle on proper SEO strategies can set your brand apart.

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      3 Things Wedding Reception Spaces Must Have

      wedding receptionWedding planning is all about the details. As important as the dress, flowers and guest list are, you should also pay attention to the reception. Don’t commit the mistake of overlooking these important points.

      Unique Entertainment

      The guests will most likely remember the reception by the unique entertainment they will witness and experience. You can set up a photo booth. People love having their pictures taken and they will certainly enjoy posing for the camera in their lovely dresses and suits. The photos will also be a souvenir that will let them remember your wedding.

      Fill the place with music and dancing. If you want the reception to be funky, hire DJs that will get the guests dancing. Popular website, My Wedding Concierge also suggests that if you want to go extraordinary, entertain the guests with belly dancers, jazz trio or string quartets.

      Lovely Décor

      Even the smallest of details can amaze the guests. Instead of lighting the place with traditional lights, you can use homemade lanterns to achieve a calmer and more romantic vibe. You can also hang origami swans or paper garlands, set up floating candles on the table, or wrap birch bark rings on napkins. Personalise details on the reception so that guests will enjoy the hominess of the place.

      Stunning Draping

      One good way to enhance the appearance of the reception space is to use beautiful draping. If you want a sophisticated vibe, use white draping and pair it with crystal chandeliers. You can also add twinkle lights to the white draping to add a bit of detail to the fabric. To achieve a more festive atmosphere, use colourful ribbons or strips of cloth. Just make sure that the colour and material complements the theme of the wedding and the venue.

      Add personality to the ceremony and make your wedding more special and memorable.


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      The Land of Opportunity: Trying Your Luck in the United States

      try your luck at USAPeople say that the United States is the best place to go to enjoy better life. Here, you will find more opportunities to turn your dreams into reality. With this promise of a better living, more people would set foot on its grounds and take their chances.

      One way to temporarily work in the country is by getting a legal permission from the state. Most likely, the government will accept people who can contribute to their country. That is why experts recommend temporary workers to apply for E-2 Treaty Investors non-immigrant visas classification.

      Application Requirements

      The E-2 visa permits foreign investors to oversee their business operations and live in the country, so long that their country of origin holds an existing investment, commerce or navigation treaties with the U.S. There should already be an investment or it is in the process of investing.

      Unlike employment-based visas, the minimum threshold investment required can be as low as $100,000, depending on the size of the business. E-2 visas are only valid for two years, enough for foreign investors to pursue investment opportunities in the country. In case the investors need to exceed more than two years, they can renew their E-2 visas, provided that they meet the regulatory requirements for renewing.

      The E-2 Status

      For investors who are still in their home country, they can submit the application at a U.S. Consulate. But if they are already in the country and are presently recognized as visitors, they don’t have to go back to their country of origin. They can submit their E-2 application at a USCIS Service Center instead.

      Applying at a Service Center, however, will only grant a person an E-2 status. If they need to travel outside the U.S. and go back again, they will need an E-2 visa. Visas can only be granted by Consulates. That is why they have to make sure that they already know what is needed to avoid delays in business.

      Expanding a business network opens more opportunities. Rules and regulations differ in each country. Before travelling to foreign lands, knowing how things work over there and abiding by their laws are essential. By researching, they can prevent hindrances and missed chances from occurring.

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      Common Data Center Migration Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

      data centerData center migration is a major undertaking because it often signifies that a business is expanding and improving. A successful and functional data center is a necessity for businesses. It’s important to look for a reputable IT services company to do all relevant tasks for you.

      Here are some of the most common mistakes made by non-IT professionals when working on data centers and ways to avoid them.

      Ignoring the Data

      Yes, the infrastructure of the data center relocation is important, but so are the data. Moving the data can actually be more taxing, so take proper precaution. A smart IT professional will talk to you before the relocation to detect information for items such as systems compatibility, data access, and application migration. Clear the data before the move to make the process smooth and effective.

      Incomplete Inventory

      Don’t overlook the importance of a complete inventory of every application, server, storage array, networking connection, and everything else in the data center. Check with all business leaders to make sure you have everything before starting the move.

      Planning Deficiency

      Preparing a complete and exhaustive plan about the data center relocation is important to be sure about everything. Smart project managers do risk management planning even before starting the task. Identify possible problems, assess potential disasters, and brainstorm with your IT team to determine ways to avoid them.

      Combining with Other Projects

      Sometimes, CEOs want to save on costs when moving a data center and encourage IT experts to combine the move with other projects. This, however, can be one of the biggest mistakes you ever make. Combining other projects with data center migration will make it complex and will mess up the project’s timeline. Finish moving the data center before taking on other improvement projects.

      Being lax and complacent about the data center migration may lead to devastating outcomes. Find a reliable IT company to help you get things done successfully. Invest money, time, and effort so you could prevent further losses and avoid more problems.

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